engagement photography.

You can't stop smiling.
For some reason you keep staring at your left hand.

It's the craziest, most exciting time of your life. You've got a thousand checklists. We'll make the photos simple.



Our most affordable and simple option.
One location, one outfit, 30 min of fun and we're done.

  • 8-12 high res images

  • High Quality Print Ordering

  • $150


This is a time you'll want to look back on for the rest of your life. To fully capture who you are, and the love you share, we'll take the time to shoot a few locations with outfit changes up to 2 hours. 

  • * 15-25 High resolution images

  • * Print ordering (8 images any size at cost)

  • * Premium Photobook available for $80

  • $350


Epic portraits on top of half dome? Easy. Sunset shots on Golden Gate Bridge? Done. No matter the destination we'll make it happen.

  • 20-30 High resolution images

  • Print ordering (10 images any size at cost)

  • Premium Photobook Included

  • $600



Where do you shoot?  

In short, anywhere! I'm always scouting new and varied locations so chances are if you give me an idea of the look you're going for I've got something that will work.

When you book your shoot just include any requests. (downtown, farm, foothill, forest, etc...) You're also welcome to include specific locations you'd like to shoot. 

I do limit locations accordingly  
* Simple shoot = 30mi of Kingsburg, Ca  
* Full shoot = 60mi of Kingsburg, Ca  
* Destination shoot = 250mi of Kingsburg, Ca  

Wanna shoot farther, just shoot me a message and I'll give you a quote.


What is print ordering?
In order to make sure you end up with the highest quality prints that will last a lifetime we color match your prints to specific printers and take care of the ordering. Additionally we'll check your prints them for color and quality before delivering them to you. If anything is not up to our standards we'll order a new print at no cost to you.  

A set number of prints (any size) are included with some packages but more can be added on at $10/print. (multiples of the same print at the same size count as one photo. i.e. 100 4x6 prints of the same photo)