wedding photography.

The perfect day, Captured. 

Your wedding deserves to be captured the way you want. As a wedding photographer, I focus on capturing the unique intimate moments as they unfold. Below you'll find a few packages to make things simple for you but we'll work together to make sure your day is captured just the way you remember it. So, just shoot me a line and we'll get started.

Simple Wedding Photography Package

  • Ceremony
  • Bride/Groom (Before or in-between)
  • Family (In-between)
  • 1hr of reception
  • 75 - 100 edited digitals
  • Print ordering

$2000 / Save your date

Full Wedding Photography Package

This is the day you want to look back on for the rest of your life. To fully capture who you are, the details and the people that made your day so incredible we'll take to time to capture it all.

  • Everything in simple plus...
  • getting ready shots + extended time at reception.
  • Includes engagement shoot (local)
  • Premium photobook
  • 100-150 edited digitals

$2600 / Save your date


While we can customize your package to your hopes, here are a few otions:

  • Extra Photographer - $300 (ensures complete coverage, helps things run a little smoother & 50-100 additional images)
  • Travel - Negotiable
  • Video - Price depends on requests

Save your date

Where do you shoot?

In short, anywhere! I'm always scouting new and varied locations so chances are if you give me an idea of the look you're going for I've got something that will work.

When you book your shoot just include any requests. (downtown, farm, foothill, forest, etc...) You're also welcome to include specific locations you'd like to shoot.

I do limit locations accordingly

  • Simple shoot = 30mi of Kingsburg, Ca
  • Full shoot = 60mi of Kingsburg, Ca
  • Destination shoot = 250mi of Kingsburg, Ca

Wanna shoot farther, just shoot me a message and I'll give you a quote.

What is print ordering?

Certain packages include print ordering. You'll be able to select sizes and quantities from your online gallery. I provide this at cost for the higher packages as a way to make sure you get quality prints with little effort.

In order to make sure you end up with the highest quality prints that will last a lifetime we color match your prints to specific printers and take care of the ordering. Additionally we'll check your prints for color and quality before delivering them to you.

While the prices are not as cheap as the drug store the quality far surpasses.